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Report: Handmade Emulsion with Sight Unseen

Below is a brief report of our Handmade Emulsion workshop held in Baltimore, Maryland on July 12th & 13th at Current Space and in collaboration with Sight Unseen. The workshop was lead by Process Reversal members Andy Busti and Kevin Rice. In this workshop, a small fraction of the theories and practices relating to emulsion […]

Images from Investigations, Part I: Basic Silver Gelatin Emulsion

Below are images from the first part in our series of investigations into photochemical engineering. Within the seminar, we created five emulsions, each of which followed the same formula but utilized a slightly different mode of emulsification in an attempt to increase efficiency. These emulsions were then used to produce a fifty foot roll of […]

Images from Handmade Emulsion with MONO NO AWARE

Below are images and video documentation from our recent Handmade Emulsion Workshop with MONO NO AWARE. During this workshop, participants prepared and coated emulsion from scratch onto 16mm clear acetate leader. The majority of these coatings were on short (approx. 0.3 meter long) “test strips” which were then used to create simple photograms with an enlarger. However, […]

Process Reversal – Persons & Films

Recently, we went about the task of scanning some of our films for an informational section in TIE’s Alternative Measures Monograph. Here are some of the resulting images… Andrew Busti  Sarah Biagini Taylor Dunne Kevin Rice   Workshops & Experiments

DeVry Standard “Lunch Box”

We recently acquired two DeVry Standard “Lunch Box” cameras to use in our Cinématographe: Hand Cranked Cinema workshop this November for TIE’s Alternative Measures festival. These cameras photograph in full aperture 35mm and can either be driven by a hand crank or from a spring. Additionally (although not specifically intended), the cameras can also be used to […]