Process Reversal advocates and ensures the viability of film for all.

In a time of discontinued film stocks, disenfranchised cinemas and abandoned laboratories, filmmaking is changing. The old infrastructures have collapsed, giving us a unique opportunity; a chance to reinvent the medium. Process Reversal is an engine for exploring new ways of seeing, new ways of hearing, and new ways of speaking about film. It is the response of a vibrant community of artists and practitioners that are taking on the opportunity and the challenge of a new century for photochemical arts.


Process Reversal is a federally recognized, tax exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. In accordance with the law, our articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes and financial records can be reviewed here.

We are a volunteer-run organization operating on a collective model of sharing duties and responsibilities. Accordingly, each member-volunteer provides direction to the activities of Process Reversal. To learn more about membership visit this page.

Process Reversal has been putting down roots in the Denver/Front Range area since we incorporated in Colorado in 2012. We are committed to developing and participating in a domestic and international network of artists and communities that share knowledge and celebrate film (e.g. the independent film labs community) across borders. To that end, many of our members, programs and projects travel extensively and function nomadically, building a more vibrant community for film within Colorado and beyond.


Process Reversal first formed as an association in 2012 and received federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) status in 2016. Since 2012, we have conducted educational activities with over 50 film communities and institutions all around the world. This includes the performance and facilitation of lectures, workshops and screenings addressing the contemporary practice of working with film.

We also began developing projects to increase the availability of filmmaking techniques and information on the web, including an archive of public domain works, and the Formulary Database — providing information on hundreds of photochemical formulas and techniques.  The Formulary Database has been retired and will soon be replaced with a public wiki. The new platform allows for members of the filmmaking community to contribute their own methods, diversifying the knowledge-base for photochemical techniques and practices. More information on this project coming soon.

While our commitment to developing open source resources on the web continues, since 2015 we have shifted our focus to developing public work spaces, or Film Labs. The Labs house all the necessary resources — from production to exhibition — for individuals to work with and learn about film. Process Reversal has collaborated with existing communities from Massachusetts to California to distribute equipment, materials and knowledge critical to the construction and operation of lab spaces. In turn, those communities supply the drive, passion and management necessary to sustain them.

Process Reversal is also dedicated to supporting the broader Film Labs community. This includes building and maintaining programs that ensure the availability of film stocks and film equipment to the community, as well as providing opportunities to produce films, research film topics or carry out workshop & screening tours. Part of this mission is to foster a global community of filmmakers by bringing international artists and practitioners to the United States to present, engage in dialogue, and to exhibit work.


We’re always interested in receiving questions and comments from members of the filmmaking community. If you would like to contact us, we recommend reaching out directly to one of our members. You can also email us at [email protected] or use the contact form found here.