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Handmade Film Emulsion – A Workshop with Mono No Aware

September 22, 2013 @ 5:00 pm – September 23, 2013 @ 1:00 am
MONO NO AWARE - Negativland Darkroom
17-17 Troutman Street #244
Brooklyn, NY 11237
165.00 USD
Sarah Biagini & Kevin Rice

handmade film emulsion

Handmade Film Emulsion – An Abstract:

The process of handcrafting film emulsion is one that offers to the filmmaker an unprecedented degree of creative intervention and expressiveness that simply cannot be accomplished with commercial film stocks — by making emulsion, the filmmaker is given the ability to manipulate its shape, alter its chemical properties, apply it to non-traditional bases and adjust it in countless additional ways to create a unique, photosensitive material. As such, the process manifests new forms of dialogue within the film’s production, many of which are still waiting to be explored.

In this workshop with Mono No Aware, participants will study the craft of producing black and white, silver gelatin emulsion by formulating, mixing and coating emulsion onto cellulose acetate and various other materials. Theories concerning emulsion chemistry and emulsion production will also be explored in this workshop, providing participants with a foundation to develop their own processes and methodologies.

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Part of our 2013 Winter Film lab Tour

Process Reversal

Attending the Workshop [Dates, Fees & Requirements]:

This workshop is being produced and hosted by Mono No Aware. All persons interested in enrolling in the workshop should do so through the Mono No Aware’s website here. For further questions about enrollment, contact Mono No Aware here or Process Reversal here.

The workshop will be limited to 6 participants at a cost of 165.00 USD per participant. Previous experience with working with motion picture film is not required, but it is encouraged that participants at least study basic black & white negative processing prior to the workshop.

There are no other requirements for participation in this workshop, other than those required by Mono No Aware.

Selected Screenings:

We will be selecting films for exhibition during this workshop which utilize handmade emulsion as part of the dialect of their production. Not every work listed below will be shown in it’s entirety, or perhaps even at all. Additionally, only some will be shown in their native format:

  • Dunkler kann es nicht werden (Zachary Quinn Scheuren)
  • To The Beach (Robert Schaller)
  • Various technical documentations
  • More TBD

Further Readings & Online Resources:

The following selection of readings are suggested for those who would like to pursue the subject matter beyond that which we will be covering in the workshop. Copies of these books will be provided during the workshop and many can be acquired through local libraries:

  • Motion Picture & Television Film Image Control & Processing Techniques (D.J. Corbett)
  • Photographic Emulsion Chemistry (G.F. Duffin)
  • Silver Gelatin: A User’s Guide To Liquid Photographic Emulsion (Martin Read & Sarah Jones)
  • Making Kodak Film (Robert Shanebrook)
  • The Darkroom Cookbook (Steve G Anchell)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’ve never worked with motion picture film before. Will that limit my experience?

A: While previous experience with working with motion picture film is not required for attending this workshop, it is highly encouraged that one at least study basic black & white negative processing prior to the workshop. Regardless, we will do everything possible to clarify any questions that you may have before, during or after the workshop.

Q: I have some film I would like to bring into the workshop to work with. Is this okay?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage participants to bring some processed film for printing in the workshop and/or objects for photograming with.

Q: I would like to travel to attend the workshop, but I’m not certain if I can afford housing accommodations. Do you offer scholarship?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarship and because this workshop is taking place abroad, we do not have a pool of volunteers to draw from to help with accommodations. Our best suggestion would be to look into couch surfing.

Q: I missed the opportunity to attend this workshop. Will you be running it again?

A: If the demand exist, absolutely. Send us an email or message requesting it.

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