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About a month ago, we performed some short experiments utilizing a “gaslight emulsion.” While not a common emulsion for motion picture film, “gaslight emulsion” (which is typically a pure chloride emulsion) was very popular for print making when introduced in the 1890’s under the proprietary name “Velox” as it could be handeled under “gaslight” conditions. […]

Color Bleach Etching, Part II

Following the workshop on reshaping and lighting film emulsion, Sarah Biagini explores the use of bleach-etching (a.k.a. Mordancage) on Kodak 3383 Color Print Stock. Below are some of the results. Additionally, you can view our other post on color bleach etching here. [All images courtesy of Sarah Biagini] [Video processed at 12 fps. Additionally, you can […]

Images from Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion (2nd Post)

We’ve gotten around to editing a short video compilation of some of the film strips produced during our workshop Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion. In this video, we produced several short strips of film (40 frames or less) for demonstration purpose using various techniques for reshaping emulsion, including reticulation, bleach-etch (mordancage), and dye-plating. Because […]

Images from the Color of Salt

Here are a few Images from our Tinting & Toning workshop held last July, The Color of Salt. During the workshop, we found a 35mm black & white print which was used to test out tinting & toning work-flows. This was done by sampling strips from the film (roughly 12 frames per strip) and than […]

Nuclear War – A Study In Color Bleach Etching

Below is a short, graphic study of the color bleach etching technique. This technique requires the use of skip-bleached color film which was generously provided by Nicolas Rey & l’abominable. Attached are a few frames from this short strip of film — roughly 60 frames of KODAK Color Print Stock — produced during our workshop with […]

Images from Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion

A few images from our previous workshop, Зеркало: Reshaping and Lighting Film Emulsion. In this workshop, we explored a variety of techniques for physically and chemically altering the films emulsion, as well as methods of re-photographing the emulsion. You can also check out a video compilation of some of these techniques in our second post […]