Nuclear War – A Study In Color Bleach Etching

Below is a short, graphic study of the color bleach etching technique. This technique requires the use of skip-bleached color film which was generously provided by Nicolas Rey & l’abominable. Attached are a few frames from this short strip of film — roughly 60 frames of KODAK Color Print Stock — produced during our workshop with Klubvizija SC in Zagreb nearly a year ago. Additionally, we will be writing about this technique in our fourth-coming article concerning bleach-etching…

Frame 4 – Original image

Frame 16 – fingerprint & image cracking / reticulation

Color Bleach Etching

Frame 22 – Fingerprint & “spotting”

Color Bleach Etching

Frame 31 – veiling and dye migration

Color Bleach Etching

Frame 33 – Emulsion cracking

Color Bleach Etching

Frame 47 – Tearing and solarization

Color Bleach Etching

Frame 59 – Oxidization

Below: The constructed video transfer of the film strip at 24fps…

Additionally, you can download this video file for a complete analysis at 720p.

Also, some music…

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