Process Reversal – Persons & Films

Recently, we went about the task of scanning some of our films for an informational section in TIE’s Alternative Measures Monograph. Here are some of the resulting images…

Andrew Busti
Andrew BustiAndrew BustiAndrew BustiAndrew BustiAndrew BustiAndrew Busti
 Sarah Biagini

Sarah BiaginiSarah BiaginiSarah BiaginiSarah BiaginiSarah Biagini

Taylor Dunne

Taylor DunneTaylor DunneTaylor DunneTaylor DunneTaylor Dunne

Kevin Rice

Kevin RiceKevin RiceKevin RiceKevin Rice

Kevin RiceKevin Rice

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Process Reversal

Process ReversalScan-46

Color Bleach Etching, Part II

Following the workshop on reshaping and lighting film emulsion, Sarah Biagini explores the use of bleach-etching (a.k.a. Mordancage) on Kodak 3383 Color Print Stock. Below are some of the results.

Additionally, you can view our other post on color bleach etching here.

[All images courtesy of Sarah Biagini]

Color Bleach Etch

Color Bleach Etch Color Bleach Etch

Color Bleach Etch Color Bleach Etch

Color Bleach Etch Color Bleach Etch Color Bleach Etch Color Bleach Etch

[Video processed at 12 fps. Additionally, you can download this video here for a full, frame by frame, analysis]

Images from Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion

A few images from our previous workshop, Зеркало: Reshaping and Lighting Film Emulsion. In this workshop, we explored a variety of techniques for physically and chemically altering the films emulsion, as well as methods of re-photographing the emulsion. You can also check out a video compilation of some of these techniques in our second post here.

Film Emulsion



Preparation of reticulation solution


Bleach-etched and front-lit Kodak 5363

Reticulation Emulsion Transfer

EFKE Stock, Reticulated and Lifted

Reticulation Film Emulsion

Found footage, reticulated and back-lit

Reticulation Film Emulsion

Francis Bacon?

Optical Printing

Optical Printing with the JK

Dye Plating

Dye plated Kodak 7363, front & back lit

Reticulation Film Emulsion

Reticulate found footage, front-lit


Reticulated 16mm optical Soundtrack